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Yass Little Athletics award juniors for strong season

Yass Little Athletics (YLA) awarded junior athletes with ribbons, trophies, certificates and a barbecue when the club held its end-of-season awards presentation on Tuesday, April 4 at Riverbank Park.

Parents and YLA committee members attended to celebrate 16 weeks – split into two halves of eight weeks each – of track and field, discus, shot put, high jump and long jump at Victoria Park in 2016–17.

The awards recognise not just the juniors’ athletic prowess but also their participation rates and improvement levels. Technical officer and judge Mike Poulton, who has been at the club since the early 2000s, said placings were the least important for the under 6s to under 14s.

“The least weighted is the position or results they achieve. We place more importance on participation and individual growth, so this levels the playing field and encourages them more,” he said.

Participation marks is 50 per cent of each athlete’s total score, improvement is 35 and placing is 15. Improvement is calculated by the number of times they better their own personal bests.

“I keep telling them that participation is the most important,” Mike said.

YLA secretary Ian Longley touched on the importance of athletics in Yass, saying it is a strong foundation for future endeavours.

“Since we’re affiliated with ACT Athletics, our athletics program is a good pathway into larger events, including ACT championships,” he said.

The club also raised concerns about participation numbers, which has decreased in recent seasons. “Participation numbers have ebbed and flow,” Ian said.

Similarly, Mike said the numbers have halved. “We’ve had about 55 participants this season, which as dropped from its peak of 115 since the club began in 2004.”

The 2017–18 season will begin in September when registrations open. For more:

TALENT ON SHOW: Yass Little Athletics' technical officer Mike Poulton (back) with all the young athletes who were awarded trophies and ribbons at Riverbank Park before enjoying a barbecue. Photo: Toby Vue

Little Athletics

Yass Little Athletics Club held their last meet for this year at Victoria Park on Tuesday afternoon.

With the busyness of the season keeping many away, we were still able to do some long jump, discus and shot put. We also had some sprint races over 70 metres and 100 metres, and a first try for the 2013/2014 season at some 400 metre races.

It is a privilege to see the improvements in skill and speed that our athletes show week by week, even for some quite young children.

It was exciting to see that many of the Sports Award winners at the Yass High School Presentation Night last night were Little Athletics "old timers".

We would like to pass on a huge thank you to all our loyal parents and helpers for all your work during the first half of our 2013/2014 season.

We wish all our athletes, parents, grandparents and other helpers a very Happy Christmas and we will see you all back again at Victoria Park on 5pm on Tuesday, February 4.

Please keep an eye on our website - for updates.
Yass' Little Athletes at the final meet for 2013

Young athletes wrap things up

The Yass Little Athletics Club held their last weekly meet for the season on Tuesday afternoon.

It was a chance to make sure all the athletes had a last go at some events which had not been run in a while.

As usual, the hurdles event was extremely popular, with all the kids keen to have a go at leaping over the obstacles.

There were some spectacular tumbles and crashes and one athlete even managed a few cartwheels after clipping one of the hurdles. As usual, no one was hurt and all the athletes enjoyed the challenge.

Final results will be available soon regarding how our three athletes went in the ACTLAA State Championships last weekend.

Please note that our presentation evening and sausage sizzle has been moved to 5pm on April 9.

All our athletes and families are most welcome to attend but please let us know if you are coming so we can make sure we arrange enough food.
These junior athletes had one last workout before they finished up for the summer.

Yass junior athletes shine

Three athletes from Yass Little Athletics Club represented Yass in the 2013 ACT Northside Regional Championships recently.

All three qualified for the ACTLAA State Championships later this month.

Esther Coates qualified in the 70 metre and 100m races, Andrew McFarlane qualified in 100, 200, 400 and 800m races as well as the discus and Rhiannon Davis qualified in 1500m foot race. It will be Rhiannon's sixth time representing Yass Little Athletics at state level.

Congratulations and well done.
Andrew McFarlane, Rhiannon Davis and Esther Coates at the recent ACT Northside Regional Championships.

More records

Yass Little Athletics Club met again on Tuesday afternoon, with a small but very enthusiastic group of young athletes.

It is incredible to see the effort these kids are putting into the events each week, and the effort is certainly paying off.

There have been some big improvements and personal best’s are being broken constantly.

Again this week some of the athletes smashed their own previous personal records, one discus thrower improved his best by almost two metres.

Congratulations to the athletes for all your hard work.

We would like to thank the parents who get ‘jump in’ and get involved in helping out each week, while we cannot run without this help, it is more important for the kids to see this great example of participation from their parents.

This is time very well invested in the health and social future of the children.

The season is heading towards the end with only four afternoons of events left before our presentation day.

Check out our website for latest details and make sure you check the calendar for all the end of season competitions especially the ACTLAA Championships, which some of our athletes are eligible to try out for.

Thanks again and see you next Tuesday afternoon at Victoria Park.

A group of young athletes and parents practising discus with instructor Mike Poulton.

More records broken

After a strong 2012, Yass Little Athletics got started for the first time this year on Tuesday evening.

Numbers were low but often parents forget that we start straight away once school has commenced.

Our athletes were combined into one big group to brush up on their skills, with some shot-put, long jump and some 100 metre races.

While the numbers were down a bit, the enthusiasm and energy was high, with some personal best records being absolutely smashed.

One athlete threw the shot-put almost 50 per cent further than his best from last year.

A new proposal was discussed with the families present; to see if inviting some VIP guest coaches to give some specialised instructions in particular events would be a worthwhile idea.

The parents were very interested in proceeding with this and so we will be organising some special coaching events as soon as coaches are available.

We will also be opening this up to non-members and all the local schools. More information will be added to our website,, as details are finalised.

Don’t forget we will be back at Victoria Park from 5pm every Tuesday until April. See you there!

Mirian Glassford and Isla Syrek get set for a 100 metre foot race.

Juniors finish up

Yass Little Athletics Club met on Tuesday afternoon for the last time this year.

Smaller numbers were an indication of the busy time leading up to Christmas and the school holidays.

The strong winds probably kept a few away as well, and it proved to be quite a challenge as athletes participated in the 800 metres, 200m, 100m and 70m running events.

Some were able to improve even further with discus and one of the smaller girls managed a throw of more than eight metres.

Even watching from across the oval it was obvious that the athletes had also improved in the long jump.

Our next Tuesday meet will be at 5pm on Februrary 5.

Don't forget the ACT Little Athletics Relay Carnival is on this weekend at the AIS in Canberra.

Please visit our website at for any updates and further information on all the events and competitions coming up after Christmas.

A big thank-you to all the parents and helpers who made this season a great one. The committee would like to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and we will see you all in the New Year.

Little athletes get set for a running race on Tuesday.

New hurdles for athletes

Smaller numbers this week did not stop the Yass Little Athletics Club from meeting on Tuesday at Victoria Park.

The hurdles and relay took centre stage for the first time this season.

Most of the athletes had not done any proper hurdles before, so there was time for some instructions and many practice runs to get this new event mastered.

The hurdles discipline is one of those events that looks easier than it is because the correct way to hurdle does not come naturally, especially to children.

Dylan is worthy of a special mention because he worked out the correct style right from the first run and he was even able to help show some of the others.

The relay batons were unpacked for some training in the crucial handover part of a relay race.

Once again we would like to thank the parents and other helpers for all the assistance.

Some of the parents were put into jobs that they were not at all familiar with but they coped well.

Please see our website,, for a list of upcoming competitions and some very helpful guides for different events.

Rhiannon Davis unleashes a discus.

Sun comes out for athletes

After torrential conditions last week, Little Athletics was back to normal on Tuesday, with beautiful weather and a normal program of events.

The athletes are already showing improvement in skills and confidence in all events. We are now able to build on these skills rather than focusing just on the basics.

It was wonderful to see the under-sixes and sevens doing some great throws in discus and shot-put. They now all step up to the line ready to throw and are excited to see improvement in how far they can throw. Some of the throws have been huge. There are signs of some athletes who will achieve great results in future regional events.

There have been some interesting battles on the running track between some of the faster runners, with notable improvement in times.

A good way for the athletes to improve further is to practice and exercise at home to build up their fitness level and strengthen their bodies.

Check out our website,, for upcoming events and some new photos.

Thanks again to all our wonderful parents and volunteers who make our club work.

Talitha Dexter throwing the discus.

Rain no hurdles for juniors

In scenes reminiscent of most meetings last season, Yass Little Athletics was almost a washout on Tuesday afternoon but a few brave souls arrived to eagerly participate anyway.

We ended up running a modified program of on-track which was well-run by one of our incredible younger instructors.

The athletes also got to try their hand at a special junior version of javelin to keep them all busy.

Eventually the rain got the better of us and we had to finish early, a big thank-you to athletes and helpers that turned up.

(Upcoming competitions)

The Multi-Event Carnival is on at the Australian Institute of Sport Athletics Field on November 18 and the Relay Carnival at the AIS finishes the first half of our season on December 9.

Details of these and other upcoming events can all be found at

It is still not too late to register but you will need to be quick.

See you all at Victoria Park on Tuesday.

Despite the terrible weather some athletes braved the conditions on Tuesday afternoon.

Juniors out in force

The Yass Little Athletics Club had its third meeting for the season on Tuesday night.

A big increase in athlete registrations last week meant some last minute shuffling to fit everyone into the program for the afternoon.

Numbers were down a bit this week but what we lacked in numbers we gained in effort and enthusiasm.

Last week the athletes had some practice and training in 100 metre sprints, 70 metre sprints, discus, shot put, long jump and one 400 metre race.

This week the athletes had a first try at high jump for the season, some 50 and 100 metre sprints, some discus and shot put.

There was also some skills development for hurdles, long jump and shot put.

Many of our new athletes were still nervous trying out events which they had not done much before and a few wild throws were seen at the discus and shot put.

Each athlete receives personalised instruction in each sport, so the nerves are quickly overcome by some fun and plenty of giggles.

It is always lovely to see even the youngest athletes stepping up to have a go and trying something new.

A big thank-you to all the parents who pitched in to help run the various events this week. Parents need not worry if they do not know how to run an event as there are always plenty of jobs to be done each week.

Keep an eye on our website,, for our latest news and details of upcoming competitions. There are also helpful guides for parents to learn more about each event so they can feel more confident assisting.

Any notices or wet weather cancellations will also be posted on the website.

Yass Little Athletics Club would warmly welcome donations or sponsorship from local businesses or caring community members. All funds go directly into improving the health, fitness and athletic abilities of our local children. Please see our website for contact details.

It is still not too late for your child to be involved, you can register them online via our website or just come along to Victoria Park next Tuesday at 5pm.

A note for our ailing president - we miss you and we hope you will be better soon.

One youngster enjoys a bit of friendly coaching during his discus round.

Fun and Fitness

The Yass Little Athletics Club started its 2012-2013 season on Tuesday afternoon, with a group of about 80 young athletes and parents training in several events.

The athletes started with long jump and the 100 metre sprints, and some of the more energetic ones participated in an 800m race as well.

Little Athletics encourages all young athletes to have fun participating in every event to the best of their ability while competing against each other. The strongest emphasis is on each athlete improving on their own personal best records regardless of how well they fair against the others.

The weakest to strongest and the slowest to fastest are all equally supported and trained to reach higher levels.

During the season, the athletes will get to participate in long jump, high jump, discus, shot-put, 50m 70m and 100m sprints, 4x100m and 4x50m relays, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m distance running, hurdles and other skills training.

It is not too late to register your child; you can register online or just simply bring them along to Victoria Park in Yass next Tuesday afternoon at 5pm.

James Glassford takes off during long jump training, closely watched by instructor Mike Poulton

Little Athletics

Yesterday afternoon marked the first of many weekly meetings for the Yass Little Athletics Committee.

Little Athletics is available for all school students six-years-old and up.

Each Tuesday evening at Victoria Park events are run in round-robin style. This means athletes will be able to attempt all the events on offer.

Athletes at all levels receive basic instructions before and during each event.

We place a strong emphasis on learning and enjoying the various events and there is no compulsion to beat others.

However, we encourage self improvement by recording previous achievements.

All our athletes are able to try out for entry into the Little Athletics Regional Championships and can continue up to state and national level.

All the information, registration forms and photos are available at our website,

Some of the 7-8 year age group Athletes lining up for a 100m practice race.

ACT Championships for Little Athletics

This weekend eight Yass athletes will be taking part in the ACT Little Athletics Championships, to be held at the AIS track in Bruce.

Toby Callaughan, George Clark, Rhiannon Davis, Sarah Davison, Hannah Glassford, Rachel Glassford, Angus Williams and Ben Wylie will all be competing in various track and field events on Saturday and Sunday.

All athletes must compete in their uniforms, complete with current age patch and registration number. Also, we need to provide a track umpire each day.

Could parents please be prepared to take a shift of duty on the day their child competes. An information booklet is available on the website, which contains the rules of competition for the weekend, a program, a map and previous records held.

Congratulations to all athletes and their families who took part in the Yass Relay For Life. Our team has raised over $2000 so far.

You should all take great pride in taking part and raising money for such a good cause. Some of our athletes are taking great pride in keeping up their pledge, made at the final ceremony. Next week, Tuesday March 22, will be our last night of regular Little Athletics for the season.

The following week, Tuesday March 29, will be presentation night. This will be held at the Royal Hotel, starting at 5pm. Entry will be through the side entrance, as children are not allowed in the bar area. At this stage, no one has come forward to take over the committee roles, so we are considering not running Little Athletics in Yass next season.

If anyone is able to take it on, please let us know. Don’t forget to have a look at our website, Any new information will be there and the calendar of events is updated regularly. Also, we are on Facebook. For more details, email us or phone us on 6226 5141.

The Yass Little Athletics under 11s starting the 200m.

Big weekend for little athletics

The weekend of February 26 and 27 was a big weekend for Little Athletics. Fourteen athletes took part in the Northside Regional Carnival, held at Wright Park in Queanbeyan.

Thank you to all those parents and families who participated and especially to those who helped with high jump duty.

Congratulations to all the athletes for taking part in the day. Eight athletes have qualified for the ACT Little Athletics Championships, to be held on March 19 and 20 at the AIS.

The athletes who qualified, their events and times/distances are as follows:
Toby Callaughan - Male - Age: 11 Discus throw 15.02m, shot put 7.46m, 800m run 3.54.05
George Clark - Male - Age: 10 High jump 1.12m, 1500m run 5.59.27, 100m dash 15.97, 400m run 1.16.86, 800m run 3.03.02, 200m dash 33.93
Rhiannon Davis - Female - Age: 9 Shot put 4.50m, 60m hurdles 13.34, discus 10.87m, 800m run 3.22.83
Sarah Davison - Female - Age: 14 Shot put 9.35m, 400m run 1.16.66, long jump 3.94m, 80m hurdles 18.58
Hannah Glassford - Female - Age: 13 Shot put 6.44m
Rachel Glassford - Female - Age: 12 Discus 13.07m
Angus Williams - Male - Age: 13 800m run 2.39.03
Ben Wylie - Male - Age: 16 High jump 1.70m, long jump 5.54m, 800m run 2.23.94, 200m dash 25.24

Little athletics has three weeks to go until the end of season, with the final night, March 29, being presentation night.

We are also still seeking people interested in taking the reins for next year. Little Athletics is a great way to boost the confidence and fitness levels of our kids. Little Athletics has been running in Australia for 47 years and has around 95,000 participants each year.

Athletics is the foundation for all sports as the skills learnt can be used in other sports. This is one of the few sports that cater for all participants, at all levels of ability.

If you can help in any way, please let us know, either by email, or call 6226 5141. Don’t forget that our website has updates, photos and a calendar of events, You can also find us on Facebook.

Yass Athletes taking part in the Northside Regional Carnival.

Little A’s in danger

Little Athletics in Yass will be folding at the end of the current season unless some willing people volunteer to take on the executive roles.

The current committee members have been involved for several years and need to pass on their jobs. If you are interested, please let us know, so we can show you the ropes before the season ends.

Little Athletics got underway on Tuesday night with over 100 athletes and family members attending Victoria Park. If anyone is interested in joining us, we meet from 5pm on Tuesday nights. You can register online and fees are half price, as only half the current season remains.

On February 19 Yass Little Athletics will be taking part in the Relay For Life, to be held at the Yass Showground. Registrations and donations can be made through our website, If you can spare even half an hour, please join us.

Registration includes a shirt and all proceeds go to the Cancer Council. Entries are also being taken for the Northside Regional Carnival, to be held on February 26 and 27 at Wright Park Queanbeyan.

This is our main carnival for the year and a program and entry form is available through the calendar on our website.

Athletes of all abilities can attend. Those athletes wishing to compete at the ACT carnival in March need to qualify at this event. If you have any queries about Little Athletics, are able to take on a role on our committee or are interested in the Relay For Life, please email us, phone 62265141 or find us on Facebook
Ben Medway clears the high jump bar at Little Athletics on Tuesday.

Little athletes back on track

Little Athletics will start the second half of the season on Tuesday February 8. We meet between 5pm and 7pm each Tuesday at Victoria Park and all children born between October 1993 and March 2006 are able to join us. Registration fees are now half price, as only half the season remains.

Registrations are being taken online and information on joining is available on our website, You can email us or phone 6226 5141.

On Saturday February 19, Little Athletics is participating in the Yass Relay For Life. Anyone who would like to join us and raise money for the Cancer Council can go to our website,, follow the link and enter.

Donations for our team can also be made. The aim of the event is to celebrate local survivors and carers, remember those who have been lost to cancer and to raise awareness and much needed funds so we can fight back against cancer.

An introduction to coaching course will be held on Sunday February 13 at the AIS in Bruce. The course is aimed at parents with little or no experience with track and field events. The course will cover all event groups on the track and field program. If you are interested, please let us know.

We will be attending the Northside Regional Carnival at Queanbeyan on Saturday and Sunday February 26 and 27. All athletes from under 8s to under 17s can enter, regardless of ability. Programs and flyers are available through our website. Any athlete wishing to compete at the ACT Championships next month, will need to qualify at this event and entries close on February 13.

We also remind athletes to bring a water bottle and hat, with your name on them and to wear some sunscreen.

Families are welcome and it is essential that each athlete has at least one parent/guardian on the field at all times. We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday night.

Different kind of relay for Little A’s

The Yass Little Athletics Club has formed a relay team of a different kind, they are joining the Relay For Life.

The team so far has 16 members, who are collecting in a different way - the Little Athletics Club has induced corporate support for the cause.

CIT Solutions has donated $500 to the team and is also donating the cost of a marquee hire for the event. A local pub has joined the team as a member and Dee Bush-Johnson will be collecting money and holding meat raffles over the coming weeks to raise some funds.

The Royal Hotel is issuing a challenge to all local hotels to beat them in their fundraising efforts. The winning pub will receive a dinner out for their staff members and Trish from the Aussie is keen to take up the challenge.
Paul Ryan from CIT Solutions hands Little Athletics’ relay team member Ingrid Davis a sponsorship cheque to help raise money for cancer.

Littlies line up for 400m

The Little Athletics season is now half over following Tuesday night’s meet at Victoria Park.

It was our last meeting for 2010 and we will resume on Tuesday February 8. If you are interested in joining Little Athletics, it’s not too late. Follow the link on our website to register. Registration fees will be half price as only half the season is remaining.

For all registered athletes, the Woden/Weston Carnival is coming up on Saturday January 15. The carnival commences at 9am at Woden Park, Ainsworth Street, Phillip.

Entry cost is $5 and all athletes will receive a participation ribbon. First, second and third places will also be awarded ribbons. A link to the flyer is on our website with details of the events to be run and an email address to register for the day.

Also coming up in February is the Relay For Life to commence at 10am on February 19 at the Yass Showground. If you are able to come and join us for any mount of time over the 24 hours of the event, or would like to sponsor our team, please follow the link on our website. If you register before February 5 registration is $5 less.

Once Little Athletics returns in February, we will be taking entries for the Northside Regional Carnival to be held on February 26-27 at Wright Park, Queanbeyan.

All registered athletes, regardless of athletic ability, are able to enter. It has always proved to be a great weekend. It gives athletes and parent helpers an opportunity to represent Yass and to use the skills learned on Tuesday nights.

You don’t need to attend both days; events can be chosen on one day only.

For more enquiries please see our website , please email us or phone on 62265141. Have a Happy Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing everyone in February.
Littlies line up for 400m

Timer means time at Little Athletics

Yass Little Athletics Club is now the proud owner of a multi-timer, thanks to the athletes and families who contributed to the sausage sizzle last week. Half of the cost of the timer was covered by the sausage sizzle and a grant made up the other half.

The timer will mean only one or two parents need to time each week, leaving other parents free to help with the age groups.

There are a couple of carnivals approaching that athletes may be interested in. The Relay Carnival is to be held on Sunday December 12, for under 9s and above. The Woden Carnival is to be held on Saturday January 15, for all ages.

All registered athletes are eligible to join and more details will be announced, as they are available on Tuesday nights.

Also coming up on February 19 is the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life. It is an overnight relay, which will take place at the Yass Showground. Yass Little Athletics has entered a team and all athletes are welcome to join in. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or how fit you are.

There is no minimum number of laps to do and it’s not a race or competition. We just need to have someone on the track at all times. Please consider joining us, you can register or sponsor an entrant by going to the website,

If you know someone affected by cancer, you can even nominate to do the relay in their memory, while helping to raise important funds for cancer research. Little Athletics meets at Victoria Park on Tuesday nights between 5 and 7pm. If you have any enquiries or would like to sponsor our club, please email us or phone on 62265141.

Our website, and our Facebook page will be updated, as new information is available.
Hayley Silcock in the Under 6 100m. Photo courtesy Love Photography.

Rain on Little Athletics’ parade

Little Athletics was cancelled this week as the oval was closed due to wet weather. Action will resume next week with a normal program.

The club will be holding a sausage sizzle fundraiser next week, so please come prepared.

Our main aim for fundraising is to purchase a Multi-timer. This will make starting and recording each race much easier, as the timer starts timing all lanes at once, rather than a separate stopwatch for each lane.

It is essential that athletes bring a water bottle with them each week. Could parents please make sure they are labelled, especially if using shop-bought bottled water, to prevent confusion. Once the weather warms up, hats and sunscreen will also be needed.

News and updates will be put on our website, You can also find us on Facebook. If you have any queries, please email us, or phone 62265141.

Good thinking, 99’. Little Athletics opens

The Little Athletics season is off to a great start with 99 children, plus families at Victoria Park on Tuesday night.

Thank you to all those parents who helped make the night run smoothly. The more parents we have, the more events we can run, the less time children wait between events and if a hiccup occurs, we have plenty of parents to cover things.

If your child is interested in Little Athletics, but you are still undecided, please come and check things out, you’ll be most welcome.

Registrations are still being taken online; all you need to do is follow the link on our website

Print out your receipt/invoice and bring it to us on Tuesday and we’ll give you your age patches and registration number. T-shirts are also available for purchase.

According to the Australian Little Athletics website, former Little Athletics participants won a total of 12 medals at the Commonwealth Games. Sally Pearson (100m hurdles), Steve Hooker (pole vault), Alana Boyd (pole vault), Jarrod Bannister (javelin), Benn Harradine (discus), Fabrice Lapierre (long jump), Jared Tallent (20km walk) and the men’s 4x400m relay team (Joel Milburn, Kevin Moore, Brendan Cole and Ben Offereins (ran heats only)) all took out the gold medals in their events.

Other medallists were Kim Mickle (javelin), Luke Adams (20km walk) and Claire Tallent (20km walk), who all finished with silver medals, and Dale Stevenson (shot put), who won bronze.

Little Athletics doesn’t just cater for those wanting to achieve world records. It accepts children of all shapes, sizes and abilities and will help each child build their confidence, their skills and their level of physical activity.

Here are some tips for those who are timing the races: Start the watch when you see the smoke from the gun (not the sound), stand to one side of the track and stop the watch when the athlete’s torso crosses the line (ignore the limbs and head).

Also, please call out if you miss a start, so one of the other parents can time for you. Thank you to everyone who helped Tuesday night with timing, it’s important to have plenty of people, in case a watch or parent malfunctions.

For more fact sheets and tips on events, see our website.

For more information, please go to our website , please email us or phone on 62265141. Also, we are now on Facebook, which will be updated if we need to cancel due to wet weather.
Competitors dash to the finish of the under 13s 200 metres

Yass athletes to compete in ACT State Championships

The ACT State Championships will be held on the weekend March 20-21 at the AIS. It’s an amazing event and a fantastic opportunity for our kids to use the same facilities where Olympic athletes have trained and competed. As soon as the programme is available, it will appear on our website, so keep checking. We are hoping to have some extra coaches on Tuesday night to help those athletes who qualified; unfortunately, they weren’t able to come this week. Meanwhile, have a look at the event fact sheets on our website, also available is the officials guide, which will let you know what the officials are looking for in regard to fouls, etc.

There have been some changes to the results from the Northside Regional Little Athletics Carnival, which was held on the weekend of February 27 and 28. The following athletes have qualified for the ACT State Championships: Rhiannon Davis: Long Jump, Discus, Shot Put; Sarah Davison: Long Jump, Shot Put, 800m; Molly Freeman: 100m, 60m Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, 200m; Peyton Freeman: Long Jump, 60m Hurdles, High Jump, 70m; Hannah Glassford: Shot Put, 800m, Alyssa Kemp: Discus, Shot Put; Jamie Luff: High Jump; Callan Smith: 100m; Angus Williams: 800m, 200m; Rosie Williams: 800m. This is an amazing achievement for a small club, considering that 10 out of the 12 athletes who competed have qualified for the next stage of competition. Unfortunately, Rachel Glassford and Georgia Thompson didn’t qualify, but they did earn points for our club by competing in their events. Well done.

There are only two meets left for the season. Our last night will be on March 23. The night will include some fun events, a sausage sizzle and the presentations to the athletes. More details will be available next week.

This week’s feature group is the under 6s. They took part in the On Track Programme this week which is a definite favourite, as well as competed in Shot Put, 50m and 100m.

Chrissie Davis: SP 1.16m, 50m 10.93sec, 100m 29.71sec, James Glassford: SP 1.89m, 50m 17.46sec, 100m 33.72sec, Shaun Harris: SP 4.25m, 50m 11.31sec, 100m 23.13sec, Emma Kelly: SP 2.18m, 50m 13.46sec, 100m 23.18sec, Ursula Kemmis: SP 2.34m, 50m 12.58sec, 100m 26.28sec, Emma Medway: SP 2.08m, 50m 11.24sec, 100m 22.16sec, Logan Parkes: SP 2.80m, 50m 15.33sec, 100m 30.38sec, Chelsea Shannon: SP 1.92m, 50m 14.08sec, 100m 31.48sec, Tayla Silcock: SP 1.87m, 50m 12.87sec, 100m 27.66sec, Charlotte Smith: SP 1.16m, 50m 14.62sec, 100m 31.68sec, Jacob Topping: SP 1.35m, 50m 14.69sec, 100m 30.28sec.
Molly Freeman captured in full flight during the Regional carnival last month.

Nine Yass Athletes prevail

The Northside Regional Little Athletics Carnival was held in Queanbeyan on the weekend, with nine of the twelve Yass athletes qualifying for the ACT Little Athletics State Championships in a few weeks time.

Yass athletes competed against clubs including Belconnen West, Braidwood, Corroboree, Ginninderra, Goulburn Mulwaree, Gungahlin and Queanbeyan. Thankyou to all the parents who attended and especially to those who helped out as assistants and officials for high jump and long jump.

Congratulations to the athletes who have qualified for ACT Championships:(#Please note this was based on provisional results - final results did not appear in the paper)

Rhiannon Davis: Long Jump, Discus, Shot Put; Sarah Davison: Long Jump, Shot Put, 800m Run; Molly Freeman: 100m Dash, 60m Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, 200m Dash; Peyton Freeman: Long Jump, 60m Hurdles, High Jump, 70m Dash; Hannah Glassford: Shot Put; Alyssa Kemp: Discus, Shot Put; Callan Smith: 100m Dash; Angus Williams: 800m Run, 200m Dash; Rosie Williams: 800m Run.

Congratulations to Rachel Glassford, Jamie Luff and Georgia Thompson who also competed at Regionals on the weekend and earned points for Yass on the club ladder. We are very proud of the effort put in by all our athletes, who were competing against much larger clubs. To find out everyone’s results, check out our website,

A meeting will be held at 6.30pm on Monday March 8 at the Yass Soldiers Club to discuss the end of season presentation and plan for any changes for next season. All are welcome. If you are unable to attend, but have some ideas, please email Cath Williams. Our last meet will be on Tuesday March 23, followed by a sausage sizzle.

ACT Championships will be held on the weekend of March 20-21 at the AIS. More details and a programme will be on our website as soon as they are available. To help with preparations, some extra coaches will be coming for the next two Tuesday nights to help us brush up on our techniques.

The Under 11s took part in 200m, long jump, shot put and 800m this week with the following results:

Shaun Button: 200m 40.57sec, LJ 2.45m, SP 5.67m, 800m 4.03min; Molly Freeman: 200m 32.70sec, LJ 3.51m, SP 5.77m, 800m 3.57min; Rachel Glassford: 200m 46.63sec, LJ 2.01m, SP 4.76m, 800m 5.32min; Breanna Hickey: 200m 38.27sec, LJ 2.50m, SP 3.86m, 800m 3.29min; Benjamin Medway: 200m 36.55sec, LJ 2.83m, SP 5.79m, 800m 3.15min; Erin Stranks: 200m 36.37sec, LJ 3.30m, SP 5.02m, 800m 3.37min.
Callan Smith in action

Two Coates and a Davidson at Lanyon

Entries are now closed for the Lanyon Little Athletics Carnival, to be held this Sunday. Esther Coates, Tom Coates and Sarah Davidson will be three athletes representing Yass in track and field events. We wish them all the best.

The next big event is the Northside Regional Carnival, to be held on Saturday and Sunday February 27-28.

The carnival will be held at Wright Park, Queanbeyan, just behind Spotlight. It’s a great day for athletes and if they qualify in an event at the carnival, they have the opportunity to compete at the ACT Little Athletics Carnival at the world class AIS.

Those athletes who are heading to either carnival should check out our website Event fact sheets are available, with the basic rules for each event and as well as letting you know when a foul will be recorded and how each event is measured. The carnivals will be quite structured and strict with their judging, in order to be fair to everyone. Have a read of the fact sheets and brush up on your knowledge of each event.

Thanks to all those parents who continue to help out each week, your help is really appreciated.

This week’s feature group is the under 10s. They competed in discus, 100m, high jump and 400m. Their times and distances recorded are as follows:

Mikaela Doggett: D 10.64m, 100m 17.71sec, HJ 95cm, 400m 2.07.87min; Jack Godfrey: D 15.20m, 100m 17.34sec, HJ 1.05cm, 400m 1.45.39min; Jack Harris: D 13.17m, 100m 20.22sec, HJ 95cm, 400m 1.45.15min; Tibby Shannon: D 9.14m, 100m 20.07sec, HJ 95cm, 400m 1.48.09min; Ezra Swadling: D 6.23m, 100m 28.78sec, 400m 3.03.93min, Georgia Thompson: D 8.77m, 100m 19.43sec, HJ 90cm; Rosie Williams: D 9.58m, 100m 18.96sec, HJ 90cm, 400m 1.38.00min; Stephanie Witt: D 6.12m, 100m 22.52sec, HJ 90cm, 400m 2.19.20min.
Rosie Williams and Mikaela Doggett help measure throws in the under 10s discus

Little athletes hit the track

Little Athletics resumed on Tuesday night for the remainder of the season. As expected the athletes were full of enthusiasm and had a great night. If you know someone who would like to join Little Athletics, it’s not too late. Registration is half price to join for the remainder of the season.

Cath Williams, our President, has information on some grants for which we may be eligible. If your child is involved in Little Athletics and you would like to apply on our behalf, please see Cath. Extra income from grants would be a welcome bonus to our small club.

The number of parents available to help on Tuesday was a little low. The more parents we have, the more events we can run and the less waiting for the kids. We found we had to combine groups in order to have enough parents to supervise and run events. If your child is complaining about having to wait too long for a turn at events, or is disappointed when they don’t get a ticket for each event, perhaps you could consider volunteering. It’s almost impossible for one parent to run a group alone. It’s not difficult, but the more parents, grandparents, friends etc we get, the smoother things run.

On Track continues to be popular. The kids are taught skills needed for track and field events in a fun way. There is little waiting around and they all get plenty of turns at each activity.

The Lanyon Carnival is coming soon. The carnival will be held on Sunday February 14. The entry cost is $5 and entry is open to all 6-17 year-old registered athletes. Medals will be awarded in each final and all athletes will receive participation ribbons for every event.

Entries close today, so if you are interested, please contact our president, Cath Williams. More details are available on our website

The Northside Regional Carnival will be held on Saturday and Sunday February 27-28. It is open to athletes from the under 8s through to under 17s. Entries close on Saturday February 13, with no extra cost.

Once again, please let us know if you want to enter and more information, including the programme, is available on our website. Athletes must qualify in an event at this carnival in order to compete at the ACT Little Athletics Carnival. It’s a great weekend and well worth the effort to go.

This week’s feature group is the under 11s. They took part in 200m, discus, On Track and 800m. Their times for 200m, Discus and 800m are as follows:

Josh Baldwin D 12.39m, 800m 4.41min; Shaun Button 200m 39.74sec, D 11.84m, 800m 4.29min; Rachel Glassford 200m 42.72sec, D 6.94m, 800m 4.45min; Breanna Hickey 200m 38.89sec, D 8.11m, 800m 3.45min; Bayley Maher 200m 34.28sec, D 12.06m, 800m 3.17min; Benjamin Medway 200m 34.30sec, D 13.97m, 800m 3.25min; Erin Stranks 200m 35.88sec, D 10.05m, 800m 3.29min.

Callaghan races on hallowed track

Congratulations to Tom Callaghan who represented Yass in the ACT Little Athletics Relay Carnival on Sunday at the AIS. Tom competed in the 4 x 100m relay, the 4 x 400m relay and Shot Put. He earned 10.25 points on the club ladder, placing us 14th, behind the larger clubs, but still ahead of Cooma, Bega and Jindabyne. Well done Tom.

Tuesday night was the last night of Little Athletics for the year. Next week’s meet has been cancelled due another clash with end of year activities. Athletics will recommence on Tuesday 2nd February 2010. Keep an eye on our website,, over the holidays. Any new information will be posted there. Thankyou to all those who have helped out this half of the season, we really appreciate your help. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

If you want to do something to break up the holidays, don’t forget the Woden/Weston Carnival to be held on Saturday 16th January 2010. Please contact Cath Williams if you are planning to attend. It’s a great opportunity to represent Yass and put some more points on the club ladder. All athletes that attend will receive a participation ribbon. An entry fee of $5 applies and is payable at the gate on the day. More information, including the events taking place that day, is available on our website.

This week’s feature group is the Under 7s. They took part in Discus, 70m, 100m and Shot Put.

Victoria Ash, D 5m, 70m 15.61sec, 100m 27.96sec, SP 2.20m, Jack Callaughan, D 6.93m, 70m 11.84sec, 100m 19.63sec, SP 5.37m, Esther Coates, D 3.80m, 70m 12.62sec, 100m 21.86sec, SP 2.73m, Matthew Doggett, D 9.45m, 70m 12.30sec, 100m 23.16sec, SP 4.43m, Geena Elliot, D 7.37m, 70m 15.28sec, 100m 24.61sec, SP 3.81m, Jacob Garner, D 8.63m, 70m 11.93sec, 100m 22.48sec, SP 5.16m, Renee Kemp, D 4.6m, 70m 14.24sec, 100m 24.96, SP 2.26m, Patrick McPhillips, D 6.95m, 70m 11.70sec, 100m 19.38sec, SP 4.46m, Nikki Wilke, D 4.87m, 70m 12.70sec, 100m 21.97sec, SP 3.71m, Rebecca Wright, D 5.2m, 70m 15.85sec, 100m 27.96sec, SP 3.17m.
Victoria Ash from the club’s under 7 group runs the 70 metres with a smile.

ACT carnival this weekend

Numbers of athletes were down a little at Little Athletics this week, along with numbers of parent helpers. Parents are reminded that if your child’s name appears on the roster, at least one parent/guardian needs to help that child’s age group for the night. If you are unable to be there, perhaps a friend or relative could take your place for the evening. The best way to keep the kids interested is to be involved yourself. Thanks to all the parents who have helped out, some have come every week whether they are rostered on or not and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Entries have now closed for the ACT Little Athletics Relay Carnival, which is to be held this Sunday at the AIS. If you missed out, don’t forget the Woden/Weston Carnival, which is to be held on Saturday 16th January 2010 at Woden Park, Ainsworth Street, Phillip. Entries don’t close until 8th January 2010, so please let Cath know if you are interested, either Tuesday nights or please email us. Registered athletes of all ages are eligible to attend and entry cost is $5. You don’t have to be a super athlete to take part; you just have to be willing to have a go. Track and field events will be run over the day and all athletes will receive a participation ribbon. Place ribbons will be awarded to the first three place-getters in all events.

This week’s group is the Under 6s. This week they took part in Shot Put, Long Jump and 100m. Their recordings for Shot Put and 100m are:
Charlie Beck SP 2.38m, 100m 26.01sec, Cecilia Chambers SP 2.16, 100m 28.18sec, Chrissie Davis SP 1.59m, 100m 30.43sec, James Glassford SP 2.10m, 100m 36.05sec, Shaun Harris SP 3.00m, 100m 24.77sec, Ella Hart SP 2.29m, 100m 29.75sec, Emma Kelly SP 2.29m, 100m 23.91sec, Ursula Kemmis SP 2.00m, 100m 28.18sec, Emma Medway SP 1.51m, 100m 25.37sec, Logan Parkes SP 2.68m, 100m 29.95sec, Tayla Silcock SP 2.10m, 100m 28.47sec, Charlotte Smith SP 1.61m, 100m 40.85sec, Jacob Topping SP 1.57m, 100m 39.31sec, Riley Wilson SP 2.50m, 100m 27.10sec, Zoe Wright SP 1.81m, 100m 31.90sec, Riley Glover SP 2.10m, 100m 35.64sec, Aliyah Pavlovic SP 1.81m, 100m 27.31sec, Chelsea Shannon SP 1.31m, 100m 25.23sec, Anthony Chambers SP 2.38m.

More information about the upcoming Woden/Weston Carnival, photos of athletes and tips and techniques for each event are available on our website
Shaun Harris gets airborne during the under 6s long jump on Tuesday

New coaches among the crowd

Two of our regular helpers, Esther Glover and Linda Swadling, took part in a Level One coaching course on the weekend, run by the Australian Track and Field Coaches Association. The accreditation is recognised by all Athletics Bodies in Australia and was held at the AIS. Most of the coaches from the Association have coached National and International athletes, including Olympic athletes. The course was hands-on, with Esther and Linda having to participate and be coached themselves in all events. Esther says it was fantastic. Our athletes are sure to benefit from their experience. They were sponsored by McDonalds Yass and we wish to thank Karen Rae, the owner, for her generous support. Karen attended Little Athletics on Tuesday night and ran some activities for the preschool-aged siblings of our registered athletes. They had lots of fun, thanks Karen.

Would you like to compete against athletes from other centres in the ACT region? Want to compete where Olympic athletes have competed? Then you should enter the ACT Little Athletics Association Relay Carnival. It’s being held on Sunday 6th December at the Australian Institute of Sport Athletics Track. All registered athletes from Under 7s up to Under 17s are eligible to enter, regardless of athletic ability. Please let Cath Williams know on Tuesday night if you are interested, or email her. You can enter the field events as an individual, get a team together and enter the relay or do both.

This week’s feature group is the Under 9s. On Tuesday night, they competed in Long Jump, 200m, Shot Put and 800m.
Emily Connor LJ 2.65m, 200m 42.24sec, SP 3.61m, 800m 3.56min, George Elliot LJ 2.70m, 200m 35.73, SP 4.80m, 800m 3.34min, Peyton Freeman LJ 2.55m, 200m 40.25sec, SP 3.77m, 800m 3.56min, Elise Kapetanaokos LJ 1.60m, 200m 47.75sec, SP 2.30m, 800m 4.45min, Angus Kemmis LJ 2.62m, 200m 41.68, SP 5.09m, 800m 3.59min, Lachlan Medway LJ 2.30m, 200m 50.78sec, SP 3.28m, 800m 4.27min, Blake Smith LJ 1.68m, 200m 1.03.64min, SP 2.75m, 800m 4.42min, Aylisha Sutton LJ 2.58m, 200m 41.93, SP 3.21m, 800m 4.31min.

While Tuesday night was a little cooler, summer starts next week and hot weather will soon return. Could athletes please remember a labelled water bottle, labelled hat and apply sunscreen before coming. Water bottles and hats are being left behind each week, so if you are missing one it may be in lost property.

Don’t forget to check out our website,, for details about the Relay Carnival, Event Fact Sheets and photos of our athletes in action.
Karen Rae, centre, owner of McDonalds Yass, pictured with her son Toby. Ester Glover, left, and Linda Swadling, right, attended the Level One Coaching Course on the weekend, thanks to Karen’s sponsorship.

Little Athletics Tribe hits 160

A huge congratulations to our Treasurer, Ingrid Swanson, who was married here in Yass last weekend. Best wishes from everyone at Little Athletics.

Over 160 athletes, parents and family took part in our meet Tuesday night. Thankyou to all those parents who helped in any way. Don’t forget, we need at least one parent/guardian to help out for each child that appears on the roster. The more parents who help, the smoother the night runs and the more we get done.

At the end of each meet, there are several drink bottles being left behind. Could you please ensure water bottles and hats are labelled, so we know whom they belong to if they are left behind. It is essential athletes have a water bottle, hat and have sunscreen applied beforehand as the weather is quite hot even at 5pm when we start.

There are two carnivals coming up, the Relay Carnival and the Woden/Weston Carnival. The Relay Carnival will be held on Sunday 6th December at the AIS Athletics Field, Bruce. Athletes from Under 7s up are eligible to attend and there is no extra cost. Why not get some friends together and enter a team, or go as an individual and take part in High Jump, Shot Put, Long Jump or Discus? The Woden/Weston Carnival is a new carnival and is open to all ages. It will be held on Saturday 16th January at Woden Park, Ainsworth St, Phillip. The entry cost is $5 and includes track and field events. For more details about each carnival, please see our website and if you are interested in entering either competition, please see Cath on Tuesday night, or email her.

This week’s feature group is our Under 11s, who took part in 100m, High Jump, Discus and 4 x 100m relay. Individual times for 100m, High Jump and Discus are following:
Shaun Button 100m 19.10sec, HJ 1.05m, D 12.4m, Benjamin Medway 100m 16.02sec, HJ 1.20m, D 13.1m, Joanna Devey 100m 18.83sec, HJ 1.10m, D 8m, Rachel Glassford 100m 20.79sec, HJ 95cm, D 9.34m, Josh Baldwin 100m 21.17sec, HJ 1.05m, D 10.15m, Erin Stranks 100m 18.34sec, HJ 1.05m, D 7.9m, Molly Freeman 100m 17.36sec, HJ 1.15m, D 10.3, Breanna Hickey 100m 18.95sec, HJ 90cm, D 9.15m.

Well done everyone, see you next week from 5pm-7pm, Tuesday nights at Victoria Park. New registrations are still welcome.

Benjamin Medway throws the discus, while Rachel Glassford and Joanna Devey practice in the background

Little Athletics grows

With now over 100 athletes registered, Little Athletics continues to be a success here in Yass. New registrations are still welcome at our Tuesday night meetings at Victoria Park between 5pm-7pm.

Tuesday night two coaching specialists came from Canberra to teach parents and athletes about the new "On Track" programme. Athletes are taught skills needed for each event in a fun, non-competitive way. For example, the first part of the evening was spent teaching the athletes to keep their arms bent in an L-shape while running, stay on the balls of their feet and keep their eyes looking ahead. They practiced by running over obstacles, while a parent out in front held up different coloured bean bags. The children had to call out what colour bag was held up.

The nature of "On Track" is such that the children are almost constantly taking part in some activity, so there’s less chance of sitting around and waiting. Parents are a vital part of keeping things moving, so the more parents we can get involved, the more activities we can have running at once.

Parents are reminded that if their child’s name appears on the roster, at least one parent/grandparent/guardian is needed to help that child’s group for the evening. Please don’t underestimate the value of helping out, the athletes get a lot more out of the evening if you are there cheering and supporting them. They are also more likely to continue wanting to take part as the season progresses. Thanks to all those parents who came along to take part in learning about On Track.

The under 8s also took part in the 100m and Shot put last night with the following results:
Alyssa Kemp 100m 20sec, SP 4m, Rhiannon Davis 100m 20.12sec, SP 3.80m, Ashleigh Owen 100m 22.37sec, SP 2.55m, Thomas Girdler 100m 18sec, SP 3.70m, Caitlin Witt 100m 23sec, SP 1.48m, Thomas Stone SP 3.16m, Nakita Ripphausen 100m 22.55sec, SP 3.04m, Jonty Godfrey 100m 20.03sec, SP 3.11m, Tamara Brooker 100m 27sec, SP 2.30m, Leanne Cargill 100m 20.34sec, SP 3.76m, Gabrielle Connor 100m 20sec, SP 2.66m, Tanisha Shannon 100m 22.25sec, SP 2.65m, Neave Kelly 100m 21.77sec, SP 2.37m, Blake Smith 100m 26.15sec.
Mike demonstrates "On Track" to Under 6s and 7s

Athletics leaps into life

Victoria Park exploded into life again Tuesday night as athletes and their families arrived for another night of Little Athletics. Registrations are still coming in and if you haven’t yet come to register, it’s not too late. Everyone born between October 1992 and March 2005 is able to join us. You don’t need to be a super athlete, you just need to come and have a go. Emphasis is on learning new skills, achieving your own Personal Bests and having fun. We meet every Tuesday night between 5 and 7pm at Victoria Park, come along and check things out.

We are very grateful to everyone who volunteers each week, especially those of you that don’t have children of your own taking part. Parents are reminded that they are needed to help with the athletes if their child’s name appears on the roster, which are available at the registration table. As the groups are larger than last year, it’s important that we have at least four parents per group. It’s amazing how much better the kids perform if a parent is watching!

The seniors did well with the following results in Shot Put, Long Jump and 800m (not all athletes competed in all events):
Tom Coates SP 5.15m, LJ 2.96m, 800m 3.23min, Brendon Scanes SP 7.05m, LJ 3.45m, George Shannon SP 6.86m, LJ 3.08m, Callan Smith SP 6.39m, LJ 3.50m, Tom Callaughan SP 5.24m, LJ 3.08, 800m 2.51min, Hannah Glassford SP 6.21m, LJ 2.32m, 800m 3.47min, Jamie Luff SP 5.93m, Angus Williams SP 5.48m, LJ 3.24m, 800m 3.07min, Ashleigh Witt SP 4.53m, LJ 2.66m, Olivia Muscat SP 5.05m, LJ 3.28m, Eleanor Miller SP 5.60m, LJ 2.90m, 800m 3.44min, Tim Farmer SP 6.25, LJ 3.23, Taylah Smith SP 4.36m, LJ 2.15, 800m 4.22min.

The ACTLAA Relay Carnival is coming up in one month’s time on 6th December, to be held at the Australian Institute of Sports Athletics Track. How about getting yourself and three friends together and enter as a team to represent Yass and run on the track that Olympic gold medallists have used? More information will be added to the website, as it is available. Please let us know if you are interested, either by email (addresses on the website) or in person at a Tuesday meeting.

See our website if you need any further details. Fact sheets for each event are available there and are recommended reading for athletes and for parents so you can help the kids more with each event.
Callan Smith from U13s doing Long Jump

Out of the blocks: Little Athletics swing into action soon

Little Athletics season is about to start again on Tuesday, October 27. Once again, all involved will be meeting at Victoria Park from 5pm-7pm on Tuesday nights.

All children born between October 1992 and March 2005 are able to join. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry, come along Tuesday night and register then. Cost is $55 per child, plus $10 if you require a new t-shirt.

Everyone, regardless of ability, is welcome to come to Little Athletics as the emphasis is on self-improvement. For more details, please see our website

You can also help your child get the most out of Little Athletics by getting involved yourself. Little Athletics encourages and requires parents to be involved. It doesn’t take much to write down the athletes’ times, rake the sandpit, move the high jump bar or walk around supervising a group, but it is vital for Little Athletics to operate.

Registration also entitles athletes from under 8s up to compete in the Multi-Event Carnival in November and Northside Regional Carnival in February and from Under 7s up to compete in the Relay Carnival in December. Check the ACTLAA website for more details and programmes.

With the weather warming up, please remember hats, sunscreen and water bottles. See you Tuesday night!
Little Athletics season is about to start again on Tuesday October 27